Arcangelo Michele 0,50 lt


Extremely high-quality , characterized by an intense and fruity flavour, it is dense and hot clear golden coloured. Ideal for raw diets.  Highly nutritional and plenty of vitamin values. This oil holds unmatched organoleptic properties which is why it was granted the Protected Designation of Origin for the Gargano region.

Average values corresponding to 100 ml product
Energy value822 kcal
Proteins0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Fats91,3 g
- saturated13,9 g
- monounsaturated69,5 g
- polyunsaturated7,9 g
Cholesterol0 g
Sodium0 g
Dietary fibres0 g
Vitamin E12 mg
Capacity (lt)0,500
Codice EAN8010445001403
Tipo imballoCartone wrap
Bott./pieces per packaging6
Items per pallet layer36
Number of pallet layers5
Packaging units per pallet180
Bott./pieces per pallet1080

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