Quality Control

The quality of raw materials is key so is a stringent check on any production process to avoid any risk of contamination throughout the various stages and to identify potential sources of hazard.

Olearia Clemente relies on cutting-edge quality control systems. Starting from the soil, only those crops that provide greatest guarantees are chosen, selected and followed throughout every ripening step. Olives reach the company only after meticulous checks.

Once in the company, olives are pressed within a few hours and, thanks to cutting-edge machinery, every step is strictly kept under control. Once oil is obtained, oil masses are examined both under the physiochemical and sensory aspect and each product is carefully classified according to its properties.

Even during the bottling phase, all aspects are carefully monitored by our technicians and well-advanced technologies allow the prompt identification of any anomaly found on products.

Before, during and after, at every stage of the product chain, quality control is key to Olearia Clemente in order to provide its customers with the utmost 360-degree safety and quality.
Clemente’s guaranteed quality.

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