A fresh and delicate dessert to be sampled bit by bit. Better if served with “Montagna Sacra” Oil

  • Difficulty


  • Preparation


  • Cooking


  • Doses for

    4 persons

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– 800g Milk

– 200ml Cream

– 200g Sugar

– 200g Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Montagna Sacra”

– 100g Coarse Salt


Heat the milk without boiling it, add salt and sugar until they are both completely melted.

Let the mixture cool down and then slowly add the cream together with the extra virgin olive oil.

Pour everything into the ice-cream machine or alternatively pour the mixture inside an aluminium pan and let it freeze during the whole night.

Right before the use, remove the pan, cut into pieces and pour everything into the mixer (previously cooled inside the fridge) and blend it so as to prepare the ice cream until it gets creamy.

Serve the ice cream with Pecorino flakes or aged Parmigiano.

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