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Olearia Clemente’s organic oils come from the unspoilt hilly and rocky scenarios of Gargano National Park that stretches over approximately 400 hectares across a territory where olive groves were born spontaneously as can be seen by the irregular arrangement of plants. This oil holds unmatched organoleptic properties and it is obtained from the perfect balance between olives and flavours coming from an ever-uncontaminated territory. This is why this oil is hallmarked by the presence of wild aromas and flavours.

Average values corresponding to 100 ml product
Energy value822 kcal
Proteins0 g
Carbohydrates0 g
Fats91,3 g
- saturated13,9 g
- monounsaturated69,5 g
- polyunsaturated7,9 g
Cholesterol0 g
Sodium0 g
Dietary fibres0 g
Vitamin E12 mg
Capacity (lt)0,750
Codice EAN8010445003131
Tipo imballoWrap Carton
Bott./pieces per packaging6
Package weight (kg)7,3
Package sizes (mm)230x155x320
Pallet sizes (cm)80x120
Items per pallet layer23
Number of pallet layers4
Packaging units per pallet92
Pallet weight (kg)400
Bott./pieces per pallet552

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